Student Trainee (Clerical) – NASA Pathways Intern Employment Program

John Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field Location : Cleveland OH US The NASA Pathways Intern Program provides students with the opportunity to explore NASA careers and gain meaningful developmental work experience…. More >>

Aerospace Test Engineer

Jacobs Location : Moffett Field CA US Must pass a background check in order to obtain a NASA badge and, if required by the customer, a security clearance…. More >>

NASA Begins Sixth Year of Airborne Antarctic Ice Change Study

[image-50] NASA is carrying out its sixth consecutive year of Operation IceBridge research flights over Antarctica to study changes in the continent’s ice sheet, glaciers and sea ice. This year’s airborne campaign, which began its first flight Thursday morning, will

NASA Spacecraft Provides New Information About Sun’s Atmosphere

[image-50] NASA’s Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) has provided scientists with five new findings into how the sun’s atmosphere, or corona, is heated far hotter than its surface, what causes the sun’s constant outflow of particles called the solar wind,

NASA TV to Air Russian Spacewalk from International Space Station

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NASA’s Hubble Finds Extremely Distant Galaxy through Cosmic Magnifying Glass

[image-50] Peering through a giant cosmic magnifying glass, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a tiny, faint galaxy — one of the farthest galaxies ever seen. The diminutive object is estimated to be more than 13 billion light-years away. This